Australia - Exports of Goods

Australia: Exports of Goods

Mnemonic TREG.IAUS
Unit Mil. AUD, SA
Adjustments Seasonally Adjusted
Monthly 6.14 %
Data May 2021 42,233
Apr 2021 39,790

Series Information

Source Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)
Release Foreign Trade
Frequency Monthly
Start Date 7/31/1971
End Date 5/31/2021

Australia: Trade

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Balance of Goods May 2021 9,681 8,157 Mil. AUD, SA Monthly
Exports of Goods May 2021 42,233 39,790 Mil. AUD, SA Monthly
Imports of Goods May 2021 -32,552 -31,633 Mil. AUD, SA Monthly
Current Account Balance 2021 Q1 18,283 16,010 Mil. AUD, SA Quarterly
Exports of Goods and Services 2021 Q1 118,330 110,525 Mil. AUD, SA Quarterly
Imports of Goods and Services 2021 Q1 93,568 91,003 Mil. AUD, SA Quarterly
Net Exports 2021 Q1 24,762 19,522 Mil. AUD, SA Quarterly
Real Exports of Goods and Services 2021 Q1 107,630 107,055 Mil. Ch. Jul18-Jun19 AUD, SA Quarterly
Real Imports of Goods and Services 2021 Q1 97,630 94,152 Mil. Ch. Jul18-Jun19 AUD, SA Quarterly
Real Net Exports 2021 Q1 10,000 12,903 Mil. Ch. Jul18-Jun19 AUD, SA Quarterly

Release Information

In Australia, International Trade in Goods and Services (Foreign Trade) statistics are compiled by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Provides estimates for 15 months of the major aggregates for, and the balance on, international trade in goods and services (balance of payments basis) in both seasonally adjusted and trend estimates terms. In addition it provides more detailed commodity statistics for both goods and services in original terms, with goods provided on balance of payments and international trade basis, together with year-to-date information. More detailed services statistics, in seasonally adjusted and trend terms on a monthly basis, as well as original terms on a quarterly basis are also provided. Merchandise imports and exports are provided at one and two digit SITC level with selected commodities at three digit level.

The data is updated monthly.

Merchandise trade statistics on a recorded trade basis are compiled from information submitted by exporters and importers or their agents to the Australian Customs Service (ACS). Adjustments for coverage, timing and valuation are made to recorded trade data to convert them to a balance of payments basis. The main source for services data is the quarterly Survey of International Trade in Services.


Data is revised when new data becomes available each month.