Japan - Current Account Balance

Japan: Current Account Balance

Mnemonic TAB.IJPN
Unit 100 Mil. JPY, SA
Adjustments Seasonally Adjusted
Monthly 18.91 %
Data Sep 2020 13,455
Aug 2020 16,592

Series Information

Source Bank of Japan
Release Balance of Payments - Monthly
Frequency Monthly
Start Date 1/31/1996
End Date 9/30/2020

Japan: Trade

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Balance of Goods Oct 2020 314,265 440,038 Mil. JPY, SA Monthly
Exports of Goods Oct 2020 5,966,814 5,817,472 Mil. JPY, SA Monthly
Imports of Goods Oct 2020 5,652,549 5,377,434 Mil. JPY, SA Monthly
Current Account Balance Sep 2020 13,455 16,592 100 Mil. JPY, SA Monthly
Exports of Goods and Services 2020 Q3 79,521 72,399 Bil. JPY, SAAR Quarterly
Imports of Goods and Services 2020 Q3 76,461 82,243 Bil. JPY, SAAR Quarterly
Net Exports 2020 Q3 3,059 -9,844 Bil. JPY, SAAR Quarterly
Real Exports of Goods and Services 2020 Q3 76,946 71,883 Bil. Ch. 2011 JPY, SAAR Quarterly
Real Imports of Goods and Services 2020 Q3 82,638 91,623 Bil. Ch. 2011 JPY, SAAR Quarterly
Real Net Exports 2020 Q3 -5,692 -19,739 Bil. Ch. 2011 JPY, SAAR Quarterly

Release Information

The BOP is a statistical statement that systematically summarizes, for a specific time period, the economic transactions of an economy with the rest of the world. The transactions between residents and nonresidents consist of: (1) those involving goods, services, and income, (2) those involving financial claims and liabilities, and (3) those classified as transfers. A transaction itself is defined as an economic flow that reflects the creation, transformation, exchange, transfer, or extinction of economic value and involves changes in ownership of goods and/or financial assets, the provision of services, or the provision of labor and capital.

 On March 10, 2014, the Ministry of Finance and the Bank of Japan started with the release of new balance of payments related statistics conforming with the sixth edition of the Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Manual (BPM6) and at the same time released historical time series data consistent with the new statistics (referred to as "rearranged data" hereafter). The latest data release is according to BPM6. It starts at 2014Q1. Additional BOP details and country breakdowns are available from the source. You may also refer to the monthly Balance of Payments data for further details (see catalog). 

Major current account items have seasonally adjusted data and the seasonal adjustment factors using the U.S. Census Bureau's X-12-ARIMA method are disseminated.  Notices of Changes and Corrections  posts details when seasonally adjusted data are revised.