New Zealand - Labor Force Employment

New Zealand: Labor Force Employment

Mnemonic LBE.INZL
Unit Ths. #, SA
Adjustments Seasonally Adjusted
Quarterly 0.81 %
Data 2020 Q3 2,709
2020 Q2 2,731

Series Information

Source Statistics New Zealand
Release Household Labour Force Survey (HLFS)
Frequency Quarterly
Start Date 3/31/1986
End Date 9/30/2020

New Zealand: Labor

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Tertiary Industries Employment 2020 1,367,300 1,345,300 # Annual
Total Employment 2020 2,317,300 2,285,000 # Annual
Labor Force 2020 Q3 2,860 2,845 Ths. #, SA Quarterly
Labor Force Employment 2020 Q3 2,709 2,731 Ths. #, SA Quarterly
Unemployment 2020 Q3 151 114 Ths. #, SA Quarterly
Unemployment Rate 2020 Q3 5.3 4 %, SA Quarterly
Wage & Salaries 2020 Q3 2,081,927 2,024,588 Ths. NZD, SA Quarterly
Agriculture Employment 2017 176,765 169,705 # Annual

Release Information

For New Zealand, survey-based labor status (labor force, employment, unemployment rate, etc.), employment by industry, and hours worked; for the country, regional councils and districts; annual.

  • Measurement: Percentage (%)
  • Adjustment: Not applicable
  • Native frequency: Annual
  • Start date: As early as 2006
  • Geo coverage:
    • Country (1)
    • Regional council (15)
    • Territorial authority (40)
  • Do all concept-geo pairs exist: No

The unemployment rate is the figure given when amount of unemployed people are divided by the labour force, this is expressed as a percentage.

These are annual average figures. Data may be suppressed for some regions for some of the reported years. Results are subject to large sample errors, especially in the smaller regions.

Moody's Analytics supplements

We produce seasonally adjusted versions of the LFS quartet at the regional council geo level.


HLFS estimates are benchmarked to the results ("estimated resident population") of the national census, conducted every five years.