Norway - Outstanding Public Debt

Norway: Outstanding Public Debt

Mnemonic GDBT.INOR
Unit Mil. NOK, NSA
Adjustments Not Seasonally Adjusted
Quarterly 17.92 %
Data 2021 Q2 628,081
2021 Q1 765,174

Series Information

Source Statistics Norway
Release Central government debt end of quarter
Frequency Quarterly
Start Date 12/31/1965
End Date 6/30/2021

Norway: Government

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Government Budget Balance 2021 Q2 -68,164 -96,018 Mil. NOK, NSA Quarterly
Government Expenditures 2021 Q2 392,343 436,636 Mil. NOK, NSA Quarterly
Government Revenues 2021 Q2 324,179 340,618 Mil. NOK, NSA Quarterly
Outstanding Public Debt 2021 Q2 628,081 765,174 Mil. NOK, NSA Quarterly
Gross External Debt 2021 Q1 0 0 USD, NSA Quarterly

Release Information

Public access to time series for the central government debt are offered. Annual figures are available from 1965 and quarterly figures from the 4th quarter 1996.

The population includes all central government debt managed by the Ministry of Finance. The time series rarely include breaks.

Comparibility with other statistics: These statistics are not based on international standards. In principle the quarterly figures are final at the time of publishing except for the 4th quarter, which might be revised when the central government's fiscal account is presented in the Storting's white paper no. 3. The statistics General government financial assets and liabilities, the Financial accounts and the National Accounts include annual figures in processed form.

Standard classifications: Financial instrument - Rough classification of debt by type.

Source Definitions:

Total central government debt: This figure relates to all borrowing by the central government.

Norwegian krone (NOK) debt: This item comprises domestic debt denominated in national currency.

Debt denominated in foreign currency: This item comprises foreign debt denominated in foreign currency.

Published figures are not revised. State guarantees for the fourth quarter are published With other figures for the first quarter of the following year.

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