Country/Jurisdiction Forecast Reports

Detailed forecast reports for countries/jurisdictions

Country/Jurisdiction Forecast reports provide data on the current and expected economic conditions for major economies that account for 93% of world GDP in purchasing power parity terms.


  • Compare cross-country/jurisdiction, cross-sector performance for asset allocation and sectoral lending investment decisions.
  • Anticipate world commodity consumption trends and analyze their impact on input costs.
  • Utilize forecast of consumption spending for retail decisions.
  • Track changes to economic conditions to evaluate market opportunities and risks.
  • Evaluate portfolio investments, identify and develop a global business strategy.

Key Features

  • Each report covers a single country/jurisdiction in detail, covering its strengths and weaknesses, key stats, upside/downside risks and recent performance indicators, including:
    • Trade-weighted exchange rate.
    • Country risk measures.
    • Benchmarked cyclical indicators.
  • An executive summary covering the global outlook, is published monthly and available as a separate report.


  • All countries/jurisdictions  updated monthly, reflecting recent historical data and rapid changes in economic conditions.
  • Executive summary updated monthly.