Switzerland - Labor Force Employment

Switzerland: Labor Force Employment

Mnemonic LBE.ICHE
Unit Ths.
Quarterly 0.59 %
Data 2016 Q4 5,080
2016 Q3 5,051

Series Information

Source Swiss Federal Statistics Office (SFSO)
Release Employment (DE - ETS, EN - ES)
Frequency Quarterly
Start Date 3/31/1975
End Date 12/31/2016

Switzerland: Labor

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Unemployment Aug 2021 126,355 128,279 NSA Monthly
Unemployment Rate Aug 2021 2.7 2.8 Percent, NSA Monthly
Primary Industries Employment 2020 Q4 120.12 139.5 Ths. #, NSA Quarterly
Real Wages & Salaries 2020 108.43 106.8 2010 = 100, NSA Annual
Secondary Industries Employment 2020 Q4 1,056 1,053 Ths. #, NSA Quarterly
Agriculture Employment 2017 173,023 164,400 # Annual
Labor Force 2016 4,889,215 4,814,298 # Annual
Labor Force Employment 2016 Q4 5,080 5,051 Ths. Quarterly
Total Employment 2016 Q4 5,080 5,051 Ths. Quarterly

Release Information
The Federal Statistical Office (FSO) has conducted the Swiss Labour Force Survey annually since 1991 with the goal of obtaining data about working life and the labour market in general. It also provides insight into living conditions of unemployed, retired, housewives and house husbands as well as students. 

The SLFS addresses professional activity (present or past), reasons why people are economically inactive (retirement, training /education, etc.), profession learnt and profession exercised, working conditions: hours worked, night work, weekend work, professional revenue, household revenue, job hunting and professional and geographical mobility.

Prior to 2010, the SLFS consisted of a sample of about 50,000 persons, however, from 2010 on, that sample size was increased to 126,000 interviews annually. The SFSO selects addresses to interview by randomly selecting private telephone numbers, including numbers not available to the general public. Since 2003, the sample has also included a sample of foreigners drawn from the Central Information Service on Migration (CISM).

Employed persons - All persons aged 15 and older who worked at least one hour for payment, were temporarily absent from their work but still have a job, or who worked in a family business without payment during the reference week. 

Unemployed persons - people between the ages of 15 and 74 who were available for work but were not employed during the reference week or were actively looking for works during the previous month.

Please note that this definition of unemployment differs from that of SECO (Switzerland's State Secretariat for Economic Affairs). As such, unemployment totals for the SLFS and SECO do not match. 

Data is subject to revision. 

For more information, please visit the SFSO at https://www.bfs.admin.ch/bfs/de/home/statistiken/arbeit-erwerb.html