Ireland - Treasury Bills (over 31 days)

Ireland: Treasury Bills (over 31 days)

Mnemonic IRGT.IIRL
Unit Mil. EUR, NSA
Adjustments Not Seasonally Adjusted
Quarterly 16.65 %
Data 2021 Q2 3,760
2021 Q1 4,512

Series Information

Source Central Bank of Ireland
Release Central Government Debt
Frequency Quarterly
Start Date 12/31/2012
End Date 6/30/2021

Ireland: Markets

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Stock Market Index 23 Sep 2021 8,800 8,814 Index, NSA Business Daily
Money Market Rate Aug 2021 -0.55 -0.54 % per annum, NSA Monthly
Treasury Bills (over 31 days) 2021 Q2 3,760 4,512 Mil. EUR, NSA Quarterly
Average Long-term Government Bond Sep 2020 -0.17 -0.05 % Monthly
Lending Rate 2005 2.65 2.57 % Annual

Release Information

General government debt measures the outstanding total in millions of Euros of debt securities (not including shares) issued by the Irish central government. Securities measured include government bonds, exchequer notes, treasury bills, saving stamps, solidarity bonds, prize bonds, savings bonds, etc.  

Debt and equity issuance represents an alternative to traditional bank financing. 

Oustanding amount - Total value of the security at the end of the period. 

Debt securities - Negotiable financial assets which may be traded on secondary markets. No ownership rights are granted to the holder. Debt securities are reported at nominal value.

Central government - All administrative departments of the state and central agencies whose competence extends over the whole economic territory, except for administration of social secutiry funds. 

Euro-demoninated issues - issues that were originally denominated in the national currency of a country that has since adopted the Euro

Short-term vs long-term debt securities - short term debt securities refer to any security that has an original maturity of one year or less, where a long term debt security refers to a security with an original maturity of more than one year.

Data is subject to revisions. 

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